Friday, January 8, 2010

i'm in spain!

Wow. So, I knew I'd love Spain... but thus far my time here has exceeded my expectations. Yes, we had a difficult voyage with lost group members, lost baggage, and passing through security in 3 airports... but now we're all (but 1) here and I was fortunate enough to receive all of my luggage.

Truly, I am SO so incredibly happy here. My familia is amazing. They are kind, welcoming, and fun - and my mamá is a great cook :) Moreover, they are very dedicated Christians... I have had some really good talks with my mamá and I am learning so much from her! Who knew that I wouldn't just learn about spanish culture from my host family, but also about God's faithfulness - already on day 2 in Denia. Also, my mamá and I are kindred spirits about the environment and our role as Christians caring for creation. (We discovered this as she was showing me where they put their recycles and composting, yeah yeah.) I could go on for a long time about how great this family is... and we are only just getting to know eachother. I feel so blessed to be here in this casa. God is good.

The Calvin stuff is going well, too - we have a great group of people and the class this interim is going to be really interesting. It's on the regions of spain - about their culture, traditions, political issues, topography/climate, and other such things that I love to learn about. Essentially, it's the geography of Spain. How perfect! It's been cold here - cloudy and in the 40s and 30s (F) more or less. This happens rarely in Denia, though, and we could be seeing temps back up in the 60s next week - already today it's sunny, and for sure, we'll see lots more of the the sun... which will be lovely, especially since I can see (and smell) the Mediterranean from my porch just outside my room.

Well, it's time for some traditional spanish christmas candies and a cup of tea (my mamá and I both love rooibos) and a little siesta, and then I'm heading off to Alcoy with my mamá and my friend Becca. Alcoy is a lovely town in the mountains, and there we'll be seeing the Coro Blau (the joint gospel choir of the 3 baptist churches in the area), and visiting relatives.

It's been a great time so far - and I still have 4 and a half months :)



p.s. i'll be adding pictures in a little bit. so check back for those!

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