Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, after years of anticipation, I’m finally leaving for a semester in Spain – tomorrow!

My home for the next 5 months will be the beautiful little town of Dénia, located right on the eastern Mediterranean coast (I’ve always been an east coast girl…), at the base of a mountain. Its name isn’t on this map, but you can see its location on the tip that juts out between Valencia and Alicante.

“Aprovechar” is a spanish word that means “to make the most of, to take advantage of.” As I embark on this big adventure, this is something I aim to do – to make the most of everything Spain has to offer: the sights, sounds, and tastes; as well as the opportunities to make friends, learn a lot, and enjoy the beauty and diversity of God’s creation all the way across the pond.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have expected this, but I have no worries or reservations going into this semester (now that my suitcases are packed, at least.) I’ve been hoping to study in Spain for so long (since I fell in love with Spain on my school trip there in 2007) – and I’m thrilled that this dream is finally coming true. I know that I will certainly be stretched out of my comfort zone at times, but I know that God is going to use those times to teach me and grow me – and I’m eager to see how.

Tomorrow, we’re leaving Calvin at 7:30am, and hopefully arriving in Denia by noon on the 7th. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our travel to Spain as well as throughout this whole adventure.

Keep checking back for more on my adventures!

gracia y paz,



  1. ahhhh so excited for you! have the time of your life, and i look forward to reading the occasional update and seeing pics :) i'm gonna miss seeing your faceee around calvin this semester, but hey, you're going to spain, and that's just kind of awesome. te quiero mucho mucho pero MUCHO!!

  2. Hey Emma!!
    I'm sorry we never got the chance to say a proper good bye, but I'm really happy that you get the chance to study in Spain for an entire semester!
    I can't wait to hear more about your adventures and the family you're living with!