Friday, May 21, 2010


hello, long-lost blog followers.

first off, a grand apology for flaking out on my blog this past 1.5 months.
i get overwhelmed by the thought of how much i had to write and then started writing entries but never finished them.
with that, I will do my best to complete those and put them up... so even though the timing is off, you will still get to hear about what i did in spain... so stay tuned over the summer, as i will write more. (and perhaps about my trip to oregon.)

secondly, as the title suggests, I am HOME! it was hard to leave Spain - my friends, family, the med... and upon arriving to chicago, the word was disillusionment. all the airport signs (and later on, road signs) were in english, and everything was big and gray and... not Spain.

But after being in line for a little while for at the airport, they showed this little video of "Welcome to America" showcasing some video highlights of the country... it could have come off as cheesy (and i suppose it is official governmental "propoganda"), but so much of it was full of big, open spaces, the wild west, deep green forests, you know... purple mountains majesty (and some amber waves of grain)... the part of the country where I am going in just 3 days! My upcoming trip to Oregon is what kept me going for that first hour back in the states. (oh - and the video was set to the same music as the fireworks show at Epcot in Disney World... and the sentimental sucker for disney in me did appreciate that musical touch.)

see that video here.

but getting off the (long, tiring, dizzying) van ride and seeing my family and a couple dear friends made it all worth it. familiar is the word of the moment... we went out for ice cream, I slept in my own bed - 2 great things. and this morning I went to Calvin to my dear GEO department and talked with a couple profs - 1 whom I'll be researching with this summer, and the other, with whom I'll be traveling to Oregon - and I am SO excited for both endeavors.

Right now, the little things that are making me happy:
- I woke up and out the window, all I could see were some fabulously green trees. beautiful!
- walking over carpeted floors in bare feet, eating my favorite cereal in milk that does not sit on cupboard shelves.
- running out to my car to get my cell phone, where I forgot it. (seems weird, but this is something that I do all the time... it's just familiar and makes me feel at home).
- one of my best friends is staying at my house until we leave for oregon on monday.
- Chipotle for lunch with my sister, cousin, and friend. the burrito was both huge and spicy - 'muricah, yes!
- sitting out on a humid warm evening, eating ice cream with family and friends...

So even though I am still a little bit conflicted on how I feel about being in the United States, it sure does feel great to be HOME.

until next time, (I promise there will be a next time)


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