Saturday, March 13, 2010

1/2 way.

¡madre mía! today marks officially 1/2 way through my time in Spain.

I cannot believe it! Time has gone SOOOO fast. My life in spain has been wonderful and I cannot even bear to think about leaving my host family so soon!

Yet, I feel like I have so much life still to live - so much of this town (and country, and continent) to get to know - and so little time...

so I do have a resolution for this 2nd half:

simplify, simplify.

this would make more sense had I previously explained more of my life here.... which really has been wonderful, but I do have 1 problem... we all spend too much time with our noses in our textbooks. We really don't want to - I believe so much that in Spain, the way to learn is to interact with spaniards, not with spanish history books. But Calvin does not support that thesis... so.... now my goal is to try to rework the way I do things here. I'm not sure how... but I want to go to the beach, climb the mountain, watch the champion's league with my papá, go out for café con leche with my spanish friends.... and of course, still succeed in school....

but I know a little rest and simplicity could do us all good.

well, I oughta go... gotta keep studying for midterms. (I know - a horrid way to fulfill my resolution!) But I'm not wasting TOO much time on them, worry not... because next up, I'm going home to cook with my sister.

anyways, this is my struggle right now. Kind of a bummer of a post... but there will be many happy ones to come :)

thanks for your prayers!



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